​LIFE Community Church is becoming:


The Bible instructs us that we should know those that are part of our church family         (1 Thessalonians 5:12). It is our desire in these pages for you to discover what LIFE Community Church is all about. When you visit our Vision page you will find the fundamental vision that motivates us as a church. These are our primary goals and objectives. On our Values page you will find what aspects of ministry we value. The What We Believe page is a set of seven concise statements that capture our core system of belief. On the Pastor's Page you will learn more about Pastor Patrick and find a link to his weekly blog LIFE in the Vine. To get to know us you have to know where to find us. On the Services/Directions page you will find our meeting schedule and the location of our regular worship meetings. Finally, if you would like to contact us with your questions of your own, please visit our Contact Us page to find the most effective ways to reach us.