​LIFE Community Church is becoming:


Patrick Shively is the pastor of LIFE Community Church in

Clayton, North Carolina. It is his passion to see people’s lives

changed by the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and the

launching of each person’s ministry for which they were

designed. It is his belief that the church exists to both present

the message of Jesus to the world and to teach those who

believe who they were called to be.

Patrick experienced the call to ministry at the age of 19, but did

not realize the call until 2002, when LIFE Community Church was birthed under the name of Covenant Church of Clayton. Since then he has dedicated his life to the teaching of others through this church body. During his time of service he has been mentored by Pastor Jim Sink of Covenant Church International (of Raleigh, NC) under whom Patrick has grown immensely. Patrick has also dedicated himself to the study of God’s Word through the King’s College and Seminary, with Jack Hayford (Chancellor). Pastor Patrick desires to see the world impacted by the effective life of the Church as a whole living up to what it is destined to become.

To hear some of the latest teaching please visit home page to listen to the latest messages or Pastor Patrick’s blog, LIFE in the VINE.